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Feel good about fundraising.

Meet WiddyUP for schools

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You first

WiddyUP completely flips the script by prioritizing the school’s and student’s success and engaging everyone involved.

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An inspiring moment

Showcasing their talents and interests, students make a difference and put a smile on donors’ faces.

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Ongoing impact

Sponsors support and encourage budding artists, chefs, scientists, and athletes (to name a few categories) to pursue their dreams.

Easy Onboarding

The WiddyUP fundraiser registration process for organizations includes three simple steps.

  • Schools register on WiddyUP’s website.
  • Students sign up on our site.
  • Your fundraiser runs for three weeks and the money you earn is distributed within 30 days.
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The student process

  • Choose a talent First, students decide which talent or interest they plan to share with their sponsors.
  • Pitch to sponsors Then, they pitch their potential sponsors with a short video asking for their support by making a contribution to their school.
  • Share their talent Finally, they follow through with a short video showcasing the talent they committed to sharing with their sponsors.
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Unlimited opportunitites for students

  • Students are engaged WiddyUP uses the existing means by which students are sharing and communicating ideas virtually.
  • Encouraging all interests WiddyUP provides an expansive list of categories for students to choose from when considering what they want to showcase in their talent show.
  • Staying relevant WiddyUP offers a place for students to write in a category if they don't find a fit.
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You get everyone’s buy-in

Students are empowered to take center stage in their WiddyUP fundraiser and sponsors actually want to contribute money to their fundraiser. Everyone stays engaged throughout the process and happy with the result.

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Shoulder to shoulder

Throughout their three week campaign, students are encouraged and supported by WiddyUP and equipped with the tools needed for a successful fundraiser.

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Safety is front and center

The safety of our students is core to the WiddyUP mission. We've put in place strict measures to ensure appropriate video content is sent to friends and family.

Automated video screening

We've integrated state-of-the-art software to identify inappropriate content, preventing them from being sent out.

Student pledge

At sign up, each student commits to the video code of conduct.

Community monitoring

Viewers can flag any inappropriate content, alerting the WiddyUP team.

Privacy settings

Students can control who sees their videos.

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Impactful incentives

  • Pay it forward With the coins they earn from achieving fundraising benchmarks, students donate to a cause they feel strongly about from three options provided by WiddyUP.
  • Senior scholarships High school seniors can use their coins for entry tickets into a $10,000 scholarship raffle.
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Fundraising you can get excited about. WiddyUP and go!

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